We made it to Pickwick Lake for the third stop of the Bassmaster Elite Tournament. Lilly was approved to miss two weeks of school, so we loaded up our fifth wheel and hit the road. This is our first trip in our new camper, and so far everything has gone perfectly smooth!
We camped at Mcfarland Park, the same place the tournament weigh in was held. We were close enough to the lake that we could watch the tournament boats run by each day. McFarland Park is a great place to camp at, it has spots for every type of camper.
Lilly, Olivia & I got to go watch take off each morning, Lilly could not help herself when David’s name was called – she would yell out a big “Go Daddy”. Olivia was in my arms and waved to David as he idled by, David had a big smile on his face and waved back to the girls, they were so excited! On tournament days we stay busy, Olivia will usually take a nap since we have to wake her up early to go to blast off.  That gives Lilly & I time to catch up on school work. There is also plenty of time each day we spend at the campground park.
On thing I find funny is that the girls love to wash the dishes in the camper. Lilly washes and Olivia rinses, I do the drying and putting away. Our new fifth wheel has great storage, I actually have cabinets I have not filled!  David loves the storage outside, there is plenty of room for our normal camping stuff and all his tackle. One of my favorite things about this camper is that it has a washer and dryer!  Now I know there are a lot of campers you can add a washer and dryer too but we purchased this one with one already installed. I always thought I would not use it, for lots of reasons. Would they actually work, how long would the dryer take, when would it stop working and just the space it would take up. I am so surprised of how much I have used this washer and dryer, I love it!! The girls are going through clothes, it seems like every time they get dressed they spill something on themselves. It is very quite, David and I actually went to sleep the other night and I had a load in the washer and a load in the dryer “which says a lot – I am a lite sleeper”.  So excited to have a washer and dryer!!

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