Olivia turns 3!!

January 31, 2011


Welcome back to my blog!

 We are in Florida for David’s tournament on Okeechobee this week. Lilly and Olivia love going to tournaments, they are David’s biggest cheerleaders!! We are not camping this time, my parents live close enough we can stay with them. It is great to spend time with my family, I come from a very close family so when we get together we have a great time. The weather is great here, Lilly has been spending a lot of time in my parents pool and Olivia is having a blast playing outside.

We celebrated Olivia’s third Birthday on Saturday, she loves Tom & Jerry so my sister made her a Tom & Jerry cake – she loved it. Olivia and Lilly had a blast having a dance off on the Wii with their cousins – Ashleigh and Jeffrey. It is hard to believe Olivia is three, it seems like it was not long ago that we had her! Having two girls is wonderful, they e my best friends. Lilly and Olivia keep me on my toes and always keeps me laughing!!

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