Heading Home

September 19, 2010

David and I are spending our Sunday driving home from North East, MD.  We were there for the third and final stop of the BASS Northern Open on Chesapeake Bay.  North East, is a small town with an old town charm.  You could park and walk the town that had lots of unique stores and yummy restaurants. It was safe and the locals were very friendly.  We stayed at a great cottage in Red Point that had a boat ramp, so it worked out perfect.  We rented the cottage from Dick and Sue, who are wonderful people that I know we will one day see again.  They were so helpful and made us feel right at home, they even cheered David on at the weigh in everyday!

This past week was one of the most stressful week’s in fishing that I can remember.  David was in 8th place in points and needed to finish in the top seven.  The first day of the tournament David did not do so good he was in 47th place and we new that was not going to move us up in points.  Day two and three David got the job done, bringing in a solid limit each day and moved up and finished 11th place in the tournament and moved up to 5th in the points. Phew…what a relieve!

We both can not wait to get home tonight and hug our little girls, it is not often that David and I go to a tournament with out them so we are missing them.  I am lucky my mom was able to come up from Florida and watch them for us.  This was a big tournament for David point wise, and I wanted to be there for David and help him in any way that I could.

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Bring on Fall

September 12, 2010


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Is anyone as tired of the heat as I am?  We have had 74 days above 90 degrees this summer, usually we have 30.  I hope it does not just turn to winter, I love Spring!  David and I celebrated our Ten year Anniversary on Sept. 2nd, we had a wonderful day together. 

My parents came for a visit and stayed a week with us, the girls love when they come up.  We all went to DollyWood and had a great time.  Lilly was tall enough to ride her first roller coaster, it was so funny.  The picture of her face was priceless and she sat in a cart that had a video camera so it recorded her whole trip.  We bought a copy of the video and hopefully we will get it up on the video page soon, it is so funny.  After her third roller coaster ride she was done, David was still going strong though.  Olivia loved riding the flying elephants, it was a ride we had to keep doing over and over but seeing her smile made you want to keep riding it with her. 

Lilly has been in second grade for a few weeks now and loves it.  She just loves her teacher and is doing great with her school work.  I  volunteer at the concession stand at school and it is close to Lilly’s class room, so I get to see her walk by in the hallway.  I always love hearing her little voice say “Hi Mommy” as she walk by. 

Olivia loves taking Lilly to school in the morning, she even tells me she wants to go to school.  We have a fun time hanging out together during the day, when you have two kids – you and your second kinda miss out on the one on one time that you experienced with your first one.  So it is nice to share that time with Olivia, and by the end of the day we both are ready to go pick up “Sissy” from school!

David, my Dad, and I went dove hunting at Andy Morgan’s place a couple weeks ago.  It was my first time dove hunting and I had a great time, and yes I shot a dove.  We hunted from 3-7:30 that day and it was 92 degrees, but we still managed to shoot 34 doves. 

David and I are in North East Maryland for the last stop of the BASS Northern Open on Chesapeake Bay.  The tournament starts Thursday, and David was in eighth place in points going in to this tournament.  David has never fished here before and after his first practice day, he discovered it fits his fishing style so it should be an interesting tournament.  I went to the BFL weigh in yesterday to see what kind of weight are to be expected and the largest bag was just over twelve pounds, so it is a tougher lake with only a handful of limits weighed in. 

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