Home Again!!

June 30, 2010

We just got back home from David’s Guntersville tournament, he had a great tournament with a fourth place finish that we are excited about. We had a lot of fun, the girls and I of course did a lot of swimming at the beach. Lilly and Olivia got to feed the deer that would pass through the campground, which they are still talking about! We also got to see some great friends we have not seen in a while and meet some new ones. The girls were so excited David made the top five cut, they made him signs that they held up and cheered him on all four days. On the last day of the tournament they woke up at 5 AM so we could go to take off. From take off we drove to a bridge I new David was fishing a ledge close to. We all walked “well all but Olivia, I carried her” a half mile so we could see David fishing and just as we got to where we could see David, he was pulling up his trolling motor and was off to another spot. So we turned around and walked a half mile back to our car, at one point I thought I was going to have to carry Lilly too – she was getting slower and slower but she pulled through!

On the night of the second day of the tournament we got back to the camper Olivia went inside to watch Tom and Jerry and Lilly was helping David get his tackle ready. I went to open the camper door and it was locked – with Olivia inside. I freaked, I first tried to talk her in to unlocking it but all she would do is knock on the door. I ran all over the campground looking for some one who new a local lock smith. By the time I got back to the camper, with no luck on a lock smith – David was talking to Olivia through the door and as I was telling him we need to break a window, we heard a click and Olivia unlocked the door. I was so relieved, if David was not there I would of been one of those crazy parents to call 911. Olivia was fine, she was clapping and saying “I did it”. I think the whole thing lasted 30 minutes or so but it felt much longer to me.

Now that we are back home we hardly get to slow down, David will be fishing the PAA next week – luckly it is close enough to the house that we will be staying home for it! With the Fourth of July coming up we are going to have a party to celebrate, David has not been home for the fourth for the last three years so to have him here this year means lots of fireworks! Since the other Anglers will be in town for the PAA we are looking forward to having them over and enjoying the 4th together.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy fourth of July,



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Guntersville Trip

June 10, 2010

We just got home from our trip to Lake Guntersville in Alabama, so glad to say everything went really well.  I was worried about how Olivia would do in the camper for seven days, but happy to say she did great.  She woke up every night around 3AM but I was able to put her back down each time.  It gets light there early, so David would get up at 5AM every morning and head out to go fishing. 

The girls and I went  swimming everyday at the beach area marked off on the lake, we learned to go early (around 10AM) that way there were not so many people there.  The water was perfect, it was so hot there (90’s) everyday and by the time we would get back to the camper and eat lunch they both were ready for a nap!  David would come in from fishing every evening and eat dinner then he would take Lilly back out fishing with him, she had a ball.  Saturday and Sunday the girls and I went out with David in the boat and of course Saturday we went bluegill fishing and I forgot my camera, the girls caught so many too.  On Sunday we went bass fishing and I remembered my camera but the fishing was not as good or fun as it was for bluegill.  A few things I was glad I brought on the boat was of course lots of snacks for the girls (and me) and an umbrella, it was so hot.  I took the cutest picture of Olivia in the back of the boat under the umbrella, she had just about every snack laid out. We will be heading back in a week or so for the FLW, hopefully it will be a great tournament for David.

Hey I did cook dinner every night on the charcoal grill and learned that I am a pretty good griller!  If anyone knows any great grilling recipes send them my way, I would love to try them on our next trip.



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