I get asked all the time what it is like being married to a Professional Bass Angler, and now that Lilly is in school the question is brought up more now then ever.  So my goal is to bring a little bit of my life in to your life.


David and I  have two beautiful, sweet, caring (I could go on and on) daughters.  Lilly who is 6 and in the First grade and Olivia who is 2. With Lilly we traveled to the tournaments with David.  We bought a fifth wheel when she was three and that made traveling from tournament to tournament so much easier,  David pulled the camper and I pulled the boat.  Lilly misses traveling to the tournaments, I got asked over the weekend at one of her friends birthday parties that she told everyone that I was going to home school her and we were going to get back on the road with her dad.  That is our plan, just not sure when that will be.


Our Little Olivia is a sweet heart, she has been to a few tournaments.  Olivia does not like to travel to much, she loves her routine at home and is the type of child who would be just fine if we never left the house!  As soon as her sleeping through the night gets better we are going to hit the road some with David.  She is my alarm clock every morning between 2:30-4:00AM, you never know when she is going to go off!


When David is at a tournament, the girls and I watch his weigh in on the internet.  I love how the weigh ins are live and have video and sound.  It help’s me a lot because when David is gone Lilly and Oliva miss him so when they get to watch him on the internet they get so excited.  It is fun to cheer him on and be  hundreds of miles away.


David and I work great together, this is our life and we are a team.  He is gone a LOT but when you have the same dreams and goals as the other person, it all seems to fall in place.  I do everything on my own – No nanny’s, No gardeners, No (people)!  My days are full of getting Lilly ready and off to school, taking care of all David’s things on this end, taking care of Olivia, yelling at the dog, inside housework, outside housework, cooking and lots of playing with the girls!  I try to volunteer at the school three days a week, it just depends if Olivia wants to go to school and pop popcorn!


It is funny to me when the comment is made – “So you are just a stay at home mom”.  I think I can speak for every mom when I say I am a teacher, nurse, referee, chef, housekeeper, security, play date, costume designer, personal shopper, volunteer, taxi, friend and most important Mom and Wife.  I don’t get lunch breaks or weekends off – just hugs and kisses!


I did not want to jump in to my first blog and start talking about the tournaments and what we are up to.  I wanted to make some type of introduction about my family.  Thanks for reading and I hope you check back soon.





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