New Year, New Signs!

January 9, 2012

Happy New Year, I hope everyone’s new year is starting off grand!  It is hard to believe it is 2012 already.  David, the girls, and I had a fantastic holiday. We spent a lot of time together, and did our part to make sure some children in East Tennessee had a visit from Santa! 

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get the 2012 fishing season started. David has been busy the last few weeks, just working on tackle.  When I say “working on tackle” that is exactly what he does. He spends his days out in “his” garage getting the boat ready, fishing rods & reels cleaned and ready to go, and tackle organized. This is his only time throughout the season that he gets a chance to go through his large assortment of baits and get everything organized.  Once the first tournament kicks off, he is usually home long enough to switch tackle from the truck and boat before he heads to the next tournament or show.  

Now, about the signs.  When Lilly was around 16 months, she loved sticker books. She could not go anywhere without one, or should I say I could not go anywhere without her having one!  Lilly was sitting in the boat one day while David worked on tackle and she started putting stickers on Davids’s tackle box lids.  It started off with just one and kept growing from there.  Lilly traveled to David’s tournaments since she was born, so she learned early on to clap and cheer for David when he was on stage. When Lilly was two, we were at a tournament on KY Lake where David made the top ten cut. Lilly and I are big on arts and crafts – something we do a lot of in the camper at the tournaments to keep us busy.  Lilly scribbled on a piece of paper and told me it said ‘Go Daddy”. There was a photo taken of Lilly at that tournament, she was 2 and held a sign above her head that said “Go Daddy”.  From then on,  every tournament day Lilly always has a sign with her, usually tucked under her arm or in my bag. When she was younger, it was just scribbles of paint and glitter but David always knew that it said “Go Daddy!”

David gave Lilly a desiginated compartment in his boat 7 years ago for her to “decorate” and she has made and hung up a “Go Daddy” sign in it before David’s first tournament of the season every year since.  Olivia has taken right after Lilly with love for arts and crafts, and jumped right in to take part in the sign making process. Lilly and Olivia keep an eye on their signs and drawings, if they get knocked down when David runs through rough water it is their top priority to fix them.

This past April, a picture was taken during the tournament at Toledo Bend. David had his storage compartment open and was tying on another bait. A photographer took a photo of the girls signs they made and put it up on the Bassmaster website.  A picture is worth a thousand words, it was nice to see someone see something in that to take a picture of it. To me, it says family. This is a guy that truly loves his family, everything he does, everything he goes through, everything he is fighting for – is for his family.

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