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Camping Fun!!

23rd April 2011

Camping Fun!!

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I have been having so much fun, I was allowed to miss two weeks of school so we could go to some tournaments with Daddy.  I love when we go because we take our camper!  Olivia and I are in charge of packing a few of our toys, books and our outside toys.  We have a small princess table that Daddy sets up outside the camper with our chairs and we set our Moon Sand up on it. We love playing with Moon Sand, Olivia sometimes takes some of the Moon Sand that is on my side of the table, so when she is not looking I sneak it back to my side.  Daddy pulls the camper with his truck and mommy follows him pulling the boat with her truck.  Olivia and I ride with Mommy and watch movies, Mommy always tells us when we are in a new state.

On our trip we went to Alabama and stayed a week there for Daddy’s tournament, we had so much fun!  There was a playground at the campground that we would ride our bikes too and it was close enough to the water that Mommy took us fishing from the bank. We are not allowed to go fishing with Daddy when he is practicing for a tournament, Mommy said it was against the rules – I’m not sure if I like that rule.  My teacher sent the school work that I would be missing with us, the week we were in Alabama we were learning about the moon.  At night Daddy and I would sit out side the camper and look up at all the stars, Daddy told me about Neil Armstrong and how he was the first person on the moon.  I wonder if he was scared, I think I would be.

After the Alabama tournament we drove to Daddy’s next tournament in Louisiana.  We took the Natchez Trace Parkway and stopped at the Pharr Indian Burrial Mounds, I thought it was neat, I have an Indian costume I wear when Olivia and I play dress up – Olivia likes to dress up like a princess and we have pretend horses, I name mine Spirit! 

 I liked the campground in Louisiana, it had a fun playground and a beach area.  When Daddy was practicing for the tournaments, Mommy would take us to the playground and beach.  Olivia and I made sand castles and I made a mote around mine!  Mommy took us to an Alligator Park and guess what, I held an alligator!  I was not afraid because his mouth was taped shut, that’s the only reason I agreed to hold it(I’m not crazy)! 

Daddy did really good in his tournament, he finished third. Olivia and I made signs that we held up at the weigh in that said “Go Daddy”.  I was sad when we had to pack up the camper and leave, I love camping, Daddy told me that we will be going again really soon and he was right!  My school has Spring Break next week,so we are going on another tournament with Daddy, I think it is in Georgia.  I also heard Mommy make campground reservations on the phone today!!  That makes me happy, I like that we can take our bikes, have our own toys and games to play with, and for lunch we have picnics outside!  We also always seem to make new friends when we camp.

I can not wait to go camping again, I will have Mommy take pictures and tell you all about it!

Lilly Bug ♥


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  1. 1 On April 25th, 2011, Duey said:

    You did a good job Lilly, I am so proud of you and Olivia for helping Mommy. I don’t think I would be able to hold a gator even if his mouth is taped shut. Have fun on your next trip. Love you and Olivia Bunches

  2. 2 On April 29th, 2011, Aunt Tracy said:

    Hi Bug! You are lucky, you got out of school for 2 whole weeks and then another week!!!!! I wish Uncle Eric would let me take 2 whole weeks off, maybe Mommy could write him a letter like she wrote to your school… That might work, then I could come stay with you guys in the camper, although I hear that Olivia is kinda a bed hog (or was it the other way around?!?!?!?) Have fun and keep posting the pictures! I love you and Olivia bunches and bunches. xoxoxoxo, Aunt Tracy OH Yeah… An ALLIGATOR!!!! OMG- You are CRAZY!!

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