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Catching up with Me, LILLY!

7th November 2011

Catching up with Me, LILLY!

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Third Grade….So Far, So Good.  I have three teachers this year and we have to switch classes, which I don’t  like doing. In the morning we have Math and it is hard, I hardly get my work done in the morning because of this Math business.  We are learning Multiplication and as of right now, I have an A.  Language Arts (LA) is after lunch, it is an hour long class but if feels like it goes by fast, which I like.  This year my best friend Morgan is finally in my class, I am so happy about that!  She was not in my class at first, she got moved in to my class about a month ago.  I am not sure why, something about her parents were not happy with her Teacher, which I think is weird because I think her Teacher is nice.

I started Gymnastics in August, and I am having so much fun!  Olivia and Mommy do a “Mommy and Me” Class at the same time, so we all get to be in the gym together.  I love the different Gymnastics outfits I get to wear.  I picked out  some new ones in a magazine I got, and I am hoping Santa will bring me them for Christmas.    I also started taking Guitar Class’s, I picked out the song “Perfect” by Pink to learn to play. I hope by April I know how to play this song on the Guitar because I want to play it in the talent show at school!

Halloween was so much fun this year, I dressed up as the Fiery Phoenix and Olivia dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  Mommy and Daddy were at a tournament in Texas and Duey was watching us while they were gone.  Mommy and Daddy got home at 3:00 pm on Halloween day, I was starting to get worried that they were not going to make it because Daddy was going to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf.  They drove all night so they could go Trick or Treating with us, and so Daddy could be the Big Bad Wolf!!

I am getting excited about Thanksgiving, we are going to Florida!!  I can not wait to see everyone and go swimming in Pop & Duey’s pool!

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