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Summer Fun!!

8th August 2011

Summer Fun!!

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This has been the BEST summer ever!!  Olivia, Mommy and I have got to go to some of Daddy’s tournaments since I am out of school.  And Guess What?  Daddy won his first big Tournament!! I so excited, that I was screaming. I did not know Daddy was going to win, I don’t think Daddy new he was going to win either.

We have been camping a lot, there was one campground we stayed at in AR that had three ducks that would walk right up to the camper every morning and evening. They were friendly ducks, Olivia & I would feed them bread.  The campground also had three different playground, which Mommy liked because that meant one of them was always in the shade!!

Fourth of July was so much fun! My Duey and cousin Ashleigh got to fly up to our house from Florida.  Daddy bought a bunch of fireworks, so many that Olivia fell asleep during them.  They were really pretty, there were even fireworks that would shoot out a parachutt man and we would run through the yard to catch them.

It has been really, really HOT. The other day I could not walk in my flip flops outside because my feet were sweating, I have never been that hot before.  Daddy set up mine and Olivia’s water slide, it is so much fun!  We are on it just about everyday, I can’t wait for my cousin Jeffrey to come up next weekdend so he can play on it with us!

Summer is not over yet, I am excited to see what else we are going to do!!

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