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Hooray For Fall!!

17th October 2010

Hooray For Fall!!


I am so excited it is Fall, I love jumping in leave piles that Daddy rakes up for me and Olivia.  I also like the colder days we have because I can wear my boots!

Second grade is going great, I got my report card and I got all A’s.  Mommy and Daddy were really proud of me and took me out to dinner, I picked my favorite Sushi Restaurant – Olivia is even starting to love Sushi as much as I do!  I got to be the Teacher Assistant once and I think I might get to be it again on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  When you are the Teacher assistant you get to sit in the Teacher’s chair, eat lunch in the classroom and pick a friend to eat with you, grade papers, if the teacher leaves the room you get to watch the class.  I wish I could eat lunch everyday in the class room because the cafteria is so loud, I think the boys are what make it loud because they are so annoying.

I really like gym because sometimes you get to play with the parachute and I love playing with that thing.  I like Art too, but I wish we could paint.  We got a new music Teacher this year, so now I like Music.  Second graders get to pick out two books in the Library, Mommy says because we are more responsible and are reading more.  We are reading more, but only the girls are alot more responsible then the boys.

I am so excited, my cousin Jeffery, Aunt Tata and Uncle Larry are coming up for a whole week to visit with us.  They are even going to be here to go Trick – or – Treating with us!! I am going to be a Peacock, Olivia is going to be a Tiger and I am not sure what Jeffery is going to be.  I asked Mommy and she said she does not think he has a costume yet, what the heck.  We are going to have so much fun when they come, Mommy said that they have never seen the leaves change colors before so I think we are going to take them up the Mountain!!

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