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First Day of Second Grade & My Birthday

28th August 2010

First Day of Second Grade & My Birthday

I have been in second grade for two weeks now and so far I like it. I like my teacher alot and there are two girls that were in my class last year that are in my class this year! Oh, and you know who else is in my class – chatterbox. Chatterbox is a boy that was in my class last year and he is so annoying, all he does is talk, talk, talk – he never knows how to be quite. I am the third desk away from him, and when school is over, my ears hurt; I just wish he would be quite already.

On the third day of school, it was my Birthday!! Mommy and Olivia brought in yummy cupcakes for everyone and I got to open my presents when I got home from school! Since Daddy was not home for my birthday, Mommy surprised me with a birthday cake before he left. I got hoop earrings and a really cool lunch box. Duey and Pop got me a Hannah Montana TV, so I gave Olivia my Princess TV. She likes having a TV in her room and I think Mommy likes it too, she does not have to watch cartoons all day long anymore.

My Duey and Pop are driving to my house from Florida today, mommy says they will get here tonight. I am so excited to see them, I have not seen Pop since Cristmas. Mommy bought Olivia and me sidewalk paint and today when she was washing her car Olivia and I painted our dog Diesel. He looks so funny, I even painted his toe nails. Mommy was not to happy when she saw him, Olivia and I tried to pour water on him to wash it off, but he just ran around the yard and we could not catch him.

Guess what, I finally beat John David in a race – I have been trying to beat that kid since last year. I think I am the fastest one in my class now!

Lilly Bug

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14th August 2010

Last days of Summer

I have had a great summer, it was fun going to the tournaments with daddy again.  At the Championship last week in Atlanta we did all kinds of fun stuff.  Mommy took Olivia and I on a pony ride at the campground, Olivia got to ride it longer then I did because she would cry every time Mommy would take her off so I could ride, that got on my nerves.  There was a water park at the campground too and it was so much fun.  I went down a water slide that went straight down and I was not even scared.  There were three boys there that were older then me and their dads were fishing the tournament too so I got to go down the slides with them.  They were really nice and we all hung out together all day, I even got invited to a birthday party the next day.  We also went to this mall that had a train in it and it took us all around the mall, it was a lot of fun.  There was also a store that had a whole bunch of bounce houses and slides in it so we did that too!

School starts Monday and I am excited about it, I got the teacher I wanted and she even wrote me a letter.  Mommy and Olivia are going to help me find my class room on the first day, so I am not nervous about it at all.  My birthday is Wednesday, I will be 7!!! Mommy ordered some cupcakes that I can take in to school, I can’t wait.  We did all my school supplies shopping today and it is a good thing Mommy is walking me to class because I can not pick up the bag everything is in, it is so heavy.  Now I just have to figure out what I am going to wear the first day of school, Mommy thinks I should wear a dress but I am worried I will have gym and have to sit out if I wear a dress. 

Happy last couple days of summer,

♥ Lilly Bug

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