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Happy 4th of July!!!

30th June 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hello Everyone!!

I had so much fun at Daddy’s tournament, daddy did really good and finished fourth!!  Olivia and I got to go on stage with daddy when he would weigh his fish in and I even got to talk in the microphone, but I don’t remember what I said.  Mommy even woke me and Olivia up really early on Daddy’s last day of the tournament so we could go see him take off.  Mommy said it was 5 in the morning, I just know it was really early but I liked watching Daddy take off in the boat when his name was called, I was yelling for him “Go Daddy”!!

Mommy took Olivia and me to the beach alot so we could swim  – it was so hot there. One time I even got to go with mommy’s friend and her kids Mitchell and Maccie, Olivia was napping so mommy had to stay at the camper with her.  Guess what, there were a bunch of deer at the campground that you could walk right up to and feed.  Mommy cut up some apples and Olivia and I fed them, other people would feed them bread but I think they were getting sick of bread because they really liked the apples.

Now that we are back home my best friend Morgan comes over everyday so we can play.  I am so excited that the 4th of July is almost here!!!  Daddy has not been home on the 4th of July in a long time and last year all mommy did was sparklers and it was boring.  We went to the fireworks store and Daddy got a bunch of big fireworks, I keep peaking at them in the bags!

Thanks to everyone that sends in comments, when mommy tells me I got one I can not wait to read it – it is like mail!

♥Lilly Bug

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8th June 2010

Summer Fun!!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited summer is here, I got my report card in the mail today and Mommy said I did really good.  Field Day was a lot of fun, I got three second place ribbons and two first place ribbons.  Our class won overall for tug-of-war, we won seven out of ten matches and my hands were so sore when it was over.  Mommy and Olivia brought a cake and snacks in for the last day of school party, it was a surprise but I new about it!

We all went camping last week on Lake Guntersville in Al and I had so much fun.  Mommy took me and Olivia swimming in the lake everyday, we caught minnows with our net. There were lots of fish that would swim right up to you but they were to fast to catch.  After dinner I would go back out fishing with Daddy,  I caught a big bass on my first cast, Daddy would help me throw the line out really far and I reeled it in really slow and caught it!  We also got to have smores at night – so yummy.  We are going back there in a couple of weeks for Daddy’s tournament.

So guess what… something got my duck Lucky before we left.  I miss my duck, he would let me pick him up and would follow me all over the yard.  Maybe I can get another one next year, or a bunny – at least he would be in a better cage.  My cucumber plant I planted has two cucumber’s growing on it and my grape vine has tons of grapes growing I can not wait tell I can pick them, hopefully the squirrels will not eat them all, they always eat the peaches off our peach tree before we get a chance to pick them.

I hope everyone has a great summer, I am going to go outside and play with Olivia in the sand box.  Hopefully Diesel will not get in there and destroy what we make, maybe I will tie him up first.



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