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Merry Christmas!! :O)

17th December 2011

Merry Christmas!! :O)

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Olivia and I swam in Duey & Pop’s pool everyday!  I even got so good at swimming that I did not have to wear my life jacket!  I got to play with my cousins, Ashleigh and Jeffrey. I also got to see Ashleigh’s horse and pig!

Olivia and I are counting down the days until Christmas, Momma and Daddy took us to see Santa, and guess what….Olivia did not even cry!!!  Olivia asked Santa for a Mermaid tail, I asked Santa for Julie the American Girl Doll.  Santa kept saying “Jewelry” so I kept saying “Julie” I hope he gets it right….Please, Please, Please, Pleaseee!!

I am still having lots of fun in Gymnastics, I am getting good on the high bars and I have mastered the CART WHEEL! 

School is going good, my Teachers are nice and I do not get a lot of homework – which I like!  In class, our seats are changed around a lot, right now I am sitting by Morgan and Noah, which is good because it could be worse!

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and gets everything that you asked Santa for, I will let you know if Santa brings me “Jewelry” or “Julie!!” 


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