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Dollywood Ride

8th October 2010

Dollywood Ride

Lilly takes a ride on a rollercoaster at Dollywood

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17th May 2010

Bring On Summer!!

Hello Everyone!

There is only a few more days left of school!!! I am really excited about that, I am going to miss seeing my friends everyday but I am not going to miss school work – especially spelling.  Wednesday we are having a Field Day, Daddy, Olivia and Mommy are going to go and cheer me on.  Everyone at school is collecting these braclets called Silly Bandz, I have 90 of them so far.  They are shaped rubber bands that you trade with your friends.  I have zoo animals, pets, farm animals, sea life and dinosaurs.  Mommy told me they come in  glitter and scented ones too but we can not find those, I just have regular and glow in the dark ones.

This SummerI would like to go to Florida and play with my cousin’s,  Ashleigh and Jeffrey and swim in Duey and Pop’s pool.  Also we are going to go to a few tournaments with Daddy!!  I can not wait to go camping again, I hope Mommy remembers to bring everything to make smores.  We definitely can not take Diesel with us, he has started to howl at night and it is so loud.

Daddy bought me three ducks for Easter and I only have one left.  Brownie and Kevin disappeared during the night, Daddy thinks a Coyote got them so we renamed the last on “Lucky” and keep him in a cage at night so nothing gets him, he is getting big but I can still pick him up.

I will let you know how I do in Field Day, Thank you for all your comments I love to read them!

♥Lilly Bug

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25th April 2010

Hello World!

My name is Lilly, my family calls me Lilly Bug.  I am six years old and in the first grade.  First grade is a lot different from Kindergarten.  We do a lot of writing and not much playing.  I have homework every night, which I do not like.  I even have to write in complete sentences, I do not even know what that means so mommy helps me with it.

My sister Olivia and mommy pick me up everyday after school, Olivia can’t wait to go through my back pack when I get home.  We play and fight a lot, she pulls my hair and Mommy has to get Olivia off me when this happens, it is not fun.  But for the most part we play nice with each other.

My best friend is Morgan, we have been best friends since we were three.  She lives right up the road from me, she is at my house all the time.  Mommy calls Morgan her third child, I am not sure why but that would be funny if we were sisters!

I love arts and crafts, playing, riding my bike, fishing in our back yard – we dig up worms but Mommy or Daddy has to put them on my hook – they are gross.  We live near a golf course so we go look for golf balls, we have found over 800 of those things.  I also like playing with Olivia in the sand box, dancing and singing with Olivia, it is funny when Mommy and Daddy dance with us.  I like Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and lots more.

I have a dog, Diesel.  He is so big and gets on my nerves all the time.  Yesterday after school – me, Mommy and Olivia were playing in the sand box and Diesel kept jumping in there and throwing sand all over me and Olivia.  We both screamed at him and mommy had to get him out, but it did not matter he ran around the sand box really fast then jumped in and ruined the cake I was making.  Mommy had enough she said so we went and played with side walk chalk – and guess what.  Diesel grabbed Olivia’s chalk right out of her hand and took off running with it.  It was my favorite color so I was screaming.  Me, Mommy and Olivia all chased him through the yard.  When Mommy finally got it out of his mouth it was so gross – he even ate half of it.  We went inside after that and I saw mommy charge the shock collar up.

I love traveling with Daddy to tournaments, it is so much fun when we take the camper.  My favorite part is the camp fire’s at night because we get to make smores!    I also like getting to go on stage with Daddy and putting the boat on the trailer.  I have a lot of friends at the tournaments and it will be fun to see them again.  Mommy counted and I have been to 28 states so far, my teacher said that was a lot.

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