30th August 2013

Turning 10, 5th Grade & Volleyball!







The first day of fifth grade was exciting, I was a little nervous but I did have 7 of my closest friends coming over to my house after school for my Birthday Party!  Not only were they coming over, my Duey, Pop, Aunt Tata, Uncle Larry, Jeffrey & Ashleigh were all here from Florida!  We had the best time, my parents rented a 45′ water slide – it was so much fun!  Oh, my cake was awesome too.  Momma and I picked out a cake design and there were three different cake flavors!  

Over the summer I joined the 7th & 8th grade girls volleyball team.  I can not play on the team until I am in 7th grade so I am the team manager!  I go to all the practices and practice with the girls and I get to go to the games and cheer them on.  Last week was our first game and we won 2-0!  




I am looking forward to this school year, I really like my teachers and Olivia started Kindergarten.  I walk Olivia to class every morning and when I am at lunch I get to see her walk by the lunch room, she is so cute!










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1st January 2013

2012 in a Wrap




Crazy to think, but tomorrow will be 2013.  I guess in the years past I have never thought about it like I have today.  2012 was a great year, I am blessed to have a wonderful family, great friends and  Rock Star dance moves!

My sister Olivia turned 4 in January.  Olivia is my sister and best friend, Mom said I can not write that Olivia has “anger issue” but she can be so bossy.  Olivia has no problem saying what is on her mind ~ good or bad .  She is made of sugar and spice and everything nice with a pinch of rocket fuel!  Olivia starts Kindergarten next year…..that is going to be interesting!  Olivia and I started Gymnastics in 2012, Olivia was also in Dance, Tap & Ballet.  Olivia had to move classes some, she has a habit of um…. getting her point across. 

I passed third grade, and was the third grade Hula Hoop Champion at Field Day ~ using two Hula Hoops, I rocked it!  Now I am in forth grade and it is alot more work, for a lot of reasons.  The work is just plain hard, I have like six teachers a bunch of different subject’s, most of the time I am like….say what?  A few of my friends have moved to different schools, I miss them.  One thing I learned this year is that things change, even if you don’t know the reason why.  Someone that you do everything with can make a decision that they don’t want to be your friend anymore.  Mom says not to worry about trying to be the popular girl, so I don’t. But I am pretty popular. Sometimes the kids in school will say something mean to each other but I know thats because they want to make their-self feel good by making other people feel bad.    I do know one thing, I have a great family that is always here for me.  My teachers all tell me that I am the sweetest person & a GREAT kid, I don’t know what next year will be like but I hope it is a lot like this one!                                                                                                   



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17th December 2011

Merry Christmas!! :O)

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Olivia and I swam in Duey & Pop’s pool everyday!  I even got so good at swimming that I did not have to wear my life jacket!  I got to play with my cousins, Ashleigh and Jeffrey. I also got to see Ashleigh’s horse and pig!

Olivia and I are counting down the days until Christmas, Momma and Daddy took us to see Santa, and guess what….Olivia did not even cry!!!  Olivia asked Santa for a Mermaid tail, I asked Santa for Julie the American Girl Doll.  Santa kept saying “Jewelry” so I kept saying “Julie” I hope he gets it right….Please, Please, Please, Pleaseee!!

I am still having lots of fun in Gymnastics, I am getting good on the high bars and I have mastered the CART WHEEL! 

School is going good, my Teachers are nice and I do not get a lot of homework – which I like!  In class, our seats are changed around a lot, right now I am sitting by Morgan and Noah, which is good because it could be worse!

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and gets everything that you asked Santa for, I will let you know if Santa brings me “Jewelry” or “Julie!!” 


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7th November 2011

Catching up with Me, LILLY!

Third Grade….So Far, So Good.  I have three teachers this year and we have to switch classes, which I don’t  like doing. In the morning we have Math and it is hard, I hardly get my work done in the morning because of this Math business.  We are learning Multiplication and as of right now, I have an A.  Language Arts (LA) is after lunch, it is an hour long class but if feels like it goes by fast, which I like.  This year my best friend Morgan is finally in my class, I am so happy about that!  She was not in my class at first, she got moved in to my class about a month ago.  I am not sure why, something about her parents were not happy with her Teacher, which I think is weird because I think her Teacher is nice.

I started Gymnastics in August, and I am having so much fun!  Olivia and Mommy do a “Mommy and Me” Class at the same time, so we all get to be in the gym together.  I love the different Gymnastics outfits I get to wear.  I picked out  some new ones in a magazine I got, and I am hoping Santa will bring me them for Christmas.    I also started taking Guitar Class’s, I picked out the song “Perfect” by Pink to learn to play. I hope by April I know how to play this song on the Guitar because I want to play it in the talent show at school!

Halloween was so much fun this year, I dressed up as the Fiery Phoenix and Olivia dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  Mommy and Daddy were at a tournament in Texas and Duey was watching us while they were gone.  Mommy and Daddy got home at 3:00 pm on Halloween day, I was starting to get worried that they were not going to make it because Daddy was going to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf.  They drove all night so they could go Trick or Treating with us, and so Daddy could be the Big Bad Wolf!!

I am getting excited about Thanksgiving, we are going to Florida!!  I can not wait to see everyone and go swimming in Pop & Duey’s pool!

♥ Lilly Bug


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8th August 2011

Summer Fun!!

This has been the BEST summer ever!!  Olivia, Mommy and I have got to go to some of Daddy’s tournaments since I am out of school.  And Guess What?  Daddy won his first big Tournament!! I so excited, that I was screaming. I did not know Daddy was going to win, I don’t think Daddy new he was going to win either.

We have been camping a lot, there was one campground we stayed at in AR that had three ducks that would walk right up to the camper every morning and evening. They were friendly ducks, Olivia & I would feed them bread.  The campground also had three different playground, which Mommy liked because that meant one of them was always in the shade!!

Fourth of July was so much fun! My Duey and cousin Ashleigh got to fly up to our house from Florida.  Daddy bought a bunch of fireworks, so many that Olivia fell asleep during them.  They were really pretty, there were even fireworks that would shoot out a parachutt man and we would run through the yard to catch them.

It has been really, really HOT. The other day I could not walk in my flip flops outside because my feet were sweating, I have never been that hot before.  Daddy set up mine and Olivia’s water slide, it is so much fun!  We are on it just about everyday, I can’t wait for my cousin Jeffrey to come up next weekdend so he can play on it with us!

Summer is not over yet, I am excited to see what else we are going to do!!

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23rd April 2011

Camping Fun!!

I have been having so much fun, I was allowed to miss two weeks of school so we could go to some tournaments with Daddy.  I love when we go because we take our camper!  Olivia and I are in charge of packing a few of our toys, books and our outside toys.  We have a small princess table that Daddy sets up outside the camper with our chairs and we set our Moon Sand up on it. We love playing with Moon Sand, Olivia sometimes takes some of the Moon Sand that is on my side of the table, so when she is not looking I sneak it back to my side.  Daddy pulls the camper with his truck and mommy follows him pulling the boat with her truck.  Olivia and I ride with Mommy and watch movies, Mommy always tells us when we are in a new state.

On our trip we went to Alabama and stayed a week there for Daddy’s tournament, we had so much fun!  There was a playground at the campground that we would ride our bikes too and it was close enough to the water that Mommy took us fishing from the bank. We are not allowed to go fishing with Daddy when he is practicing for a tournament, Mommy said it was against the rules – I’m not sure if I like that rule.  My teacher sent the school work that I would be missing with us, the week we were in Alabama we were learning about the moon.  At night Daddy and I would sit out side the camper and look up at all the stars, Daddy told me about Neil Armstrong and how he was the first person on the moon.  I wonder if he was scared, I think I would be.

After the Alabama tournament we drove to Daddy’s next tournament in Louisiana.  We took the Natchez Trace Parkway and stopped at the Pharr Indian Burrial Mounds, I thought it was neat, I have an Indian costume I wear when Olivia and I play dress up – Olivia likes to dress up like a princess and we have pretend horses, I name mine Spirit! 

 I liked the campground in Louisiana, it had a fun playground and a beach area.  When Daddy was practicing for the tournaments, Mommy would take us to the playground and beach.  Olivia and I made sand castles and I made a mote around mine!  Mommy took us to an Alligator Park and guess what, I held an alligator!  I was not afraid because his mouth was taped shut, that’s the only reason I agreed to hold it(I’m not crazy)! 

Daddy did really good in his tournament, he finished third. Olivia and I made signs that we held up at the weigh in that said “Go Daddy”.  I was sad when we had to pack up the camper and leave, I love camping, Daddy told me that we will be going again really soon and he was right!  My school has Spring Break next week,so we are going on another tournament with Daddy, I think it is in Georgia.  I also heard Mommy make campground reservations on the phone today!!  That makes me happy, I like that we can take our bikes, have our own toys and games to play with, and for lunch we have picnics outside!  We also always seem to make new friends when we camp.

I can not wait to go camping again, I will have Mommy take pictures and tell you all about it!

Lilly Bug ♥


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11th January 2011

Snow, Snow & More Snow!

I had a great Christmas, it even snowed on Christmas day!  Santa brought me and Olivia snow suites, good thing because we have used them alot.  We have been going sledding and it is so much fun, Olivia does not last as long as I do though. 

I have not been back to school from Christmas break yet, we keep having snow days!  I hope we go back soon, because I got a desk for Christmas and I want to do my homework on it.

Daddy and I build a snowman and it looks really good, we even made feet for it.  My dog Diesel, is driving me crazy because he keeps taking the snowman’s arms off and running away with them. As soon as I put new arms on, Diesel takes them too – so I give up.

Time to go have some more fun in all this snow!

Lilly Bug

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21st November 2010

Trick Or Treat

I had the best Halloween ever!! I dressed up as a Peacock and everyone loved my costume, I even got extra candy because I was so cute.  Olivia was a Tiger, but she was not really in to wearing a costume, she loved saying Trick or Treat and getting candy though.  Daddy decorated the golf cart  and we drove it around the neighbor hood – good thing we did because Olivia feel asleep in Mommy’s lap.

School is going great, I just got my report card and I got straight A’s!!  Mommy, Daddy & Olivia took me out to dinner to celebrate – we had Mexican and I got a Fried Ice Cream for desert!  We went on a field trip to a cavern – it was fun. Mommy, Daddy & Olivia went with me – Mommy did not like it to much neither did Olivia so they sneaked out after the first part but Daddy stayed and thought it was neat like me.

We are driving to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my Duey and Pop, I am so excited. Olivia and I will be swimming in their pool everyday and I get to play with my cousins Ashleigh and Jeffrey. Ashleigh has a pig she is raising for the fair and I can not wait to see it.  I will be missing school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but my teacher gave me all my work I will be missing so I am going to do some of that. Daddy says we still have 8 hours to go and Olivia is watching Tom and Jerry.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

♥ Lilly Bug

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17th October 2010

Hooray For Fall!!


I am so excited it is Fall, I love jumping in leave piles that Daddy rakes up for me and Olivia.  I also like the colder days we have because I can wear my boots!

Second grade is going great, I got my report card and I got all A’s.  Mommy and Daddy were really proud of me and took me out to dinner, I picked my favorite Sushi Restaurant – Olivia is even starting to love Sushi as much as I do!  I got to be the Teacher Assistant once and I think I might get to be it again on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  When you are the Teacher assistant you get to sit in the Teacher’s chair, eat lunch in the classroom and pick a friend to eat with you, grade papers, if the teacher leaves the room you get to watch the class.  I wish I could eat lunch everyday in the class room because the cafteria is so loud, I think the boys are what make it loud because they are so annoying.

I really like gym because sometimes you get to play with the parachute and I love playing with that thing.  I like Art too, but I wish we could paint.  We got a new music Teacher this year, so now I like Music.  Second graders get to pick out two books in the Library, Mommy says because we are more responsible and are reading more.  We are reading more, but only the girls are alot more responsible then the boys.

I am so excited, my cousin Jeffery, Aunt Tata and Uncle Larry are coming up for a whole week to visit with us.  They are even going to be here to go Trick – or – Treating with us!! I am going to be a Peacock, Olivia is going to be a Tiger and I am not sure what Jeffery is going to be.  I asked Mommy and she said she does not think he has a costume yet, what the heck.  We are going to have so much fun when they come, Mommy said that they have never seen the leaves change colors before so I think we are going to take them up the Mountain!!

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8th October 2010

Dollywood Ride

Lilly takes a ride on a rollercoaster at Dollywood

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