Let’s Talk Break In.

Hello everybody,  Well the new year is finally here and I am ready to get this one started. Last week the first Bassmaster Southern Open was held in Florida at Lake Toho, I was there and I don’t know if you heard or not but the day before the first day of practice my boat along with 7 others including Dave Smith were broken into and a large amount of fishing equipment was stolen. This was the first time that I had lost anything to thieves out of my boat. I had my truck broken into a number of years ago, but the only things that were taken were some cds and a radar detector. The people that did this robbery at the hotel were not just a grab and run group they were either bass fishermen or had stolen so much that they new what brands of equipment to steal. Out of the 8 boats that were hit each one was robbed of only certain things. Video cameras around the hotel recorded the time that they were there and what kind of vehicle they were driving, (white ford excursion). They stole G Loomis rods as well as Shimano reels along with a couple of Signature series Power Poles. With the kind of response that I received on facebook about what people wanted to do to the thevies I get the feeling that these guys are headed for a really bad ending. There has been alot of rumors lately saying that the guys had been caught but as of right now I haven’t seen any of my rods and reels. 

With that being said, I want to thank everybody for the offers of help that many people sent me.  It is great to know that the majority of the fishermen out there really are great people and don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.
I am getting my rods back together now and I will be ready to go by the next tournament at Okeechobee next week.  This week I went to Ranger and picked up my new Z520, I will be posting photos as soon as the new wrap is completed. Thanks everybody and I look forward to seeing all the fans at the New Orleans Bassmaster Classic, come by and say hello. Thanks again, good luck and good fishing!
David Walker

Working on Tackle

Hello everybody, I am having a bad case of cabin fever, so to pass the time before leaving on my first trip of the New Year, I have been working on tackle.

“Working on tackle” is a phrase that covers a lot of bases, but it is a job that I enjoy doing, and for me it’s a necessary function of a bass fisherman. This is the time of the year when I get ready to hit the tournament trail, and I have to be sure that when I get to the first event, I have everything I need.

My first step is to inventory everything that I have. Second, I determine what items need to be repaired or disposed of. Third, I figure out what new items should be purchased.

This week, I have been organizing tackle boxes. Tackle boxes have changed significantly for me over the years, but I still have one of the first boxes that I ever owned. It was like large tool box with a handle on top and with trays that opened up as you lifted the top. It had room for a couple dozen lures as well as a large area in the bottom for everything else.

Now, my entire boat is really the tackle box – I use several boxes that are clear and have adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the storage spaces in each. Each one, packed neatly in my boat, is about 9 by 14 inches and about two inches deep. Many companies make them and most are the same size, so they fit neatly into the storage areas on the boats or into soft-sided tackle bags for travel. These boxes – unlike boxes from the good old days – are also not affected by the salt or plastics used in my soft and hard baits.

This is the best system for organizing because you can lay out the box dividers to fit your own needs. I will put lures into different boxes, usually dividing them by style such as lipless crankbait, deep crankbaits or topwater boxes. 

 I do have a few boxes that are setup for specific lakes and labeled, and when I’m ready to fish that lake, I can replace a tackle box on my boat that won’t be needed. This is a great time saver and this is the best time of year to get organized.

A few tips — Be sure to not mix your soft plastics with your hard baits. The salt that is used in the soft plastic baits will rust the hooks and rings of your expensive hard baits. Also, don’t allow water to be left in the boxes for a long period of time – damp tackle boxes will damage both soft plastics and hard baits. Many times during the year, I will leave my tackle boxes open in the sun to dry out everything inside them.

I’m counting down the days until the new 2011 tournament season begins, but look for more blog posts this winter!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a great New Year!

Good luck and good fishing,
David Walker