Have You Ever Noticed

Making a living tournament fishing is a job that not many people get to enjoy.  I am one of the lucky ones I guess, I have always wanted to do something like this with my life and looking back I feel like I should have quit work at the factory sooner than I did.  I have always loved the outdoors growing up in Michigan I used to do a lot of hunting and fishing.  Living up north you cant go fishing year round except for ice fishing (I tried it - didn’t like it) but even then, you must wait for safe ice or risk falling through. So hunting would start in September and go through the first of the year then you could do some stream or river fishing until April ( that time of year can be referred to as cabin fever).
I have been living in the south now for 20 years and I really enjoy being able to go fishing any time of the year. I still love to go hunting from time to time but for me fishing has always been my passion.  This being said I have spent ALOT of time on the water all over the country including trips to Canada, Mexico and Venezuela and while I am fishing it is important to pay attention to what is going on around you. This is important not only looking for signs of fish but being aware whats happening with the weather and keeping an eye on water conditions.  So in all these years I cant figure out a couple of things!  1. Where are all the baby carp?  I see carp in nearly every body of water and they are always about 5or 6 pounds all the way up to the giants around 50 pounds but a 12 incher never.  I cant explain this I am sure a 5 or 6 inch carp would make any bass a nice meal but we don’t even have carp colors on our baits.  2. Every lake I go to that has some type of aquatic grass in it always has coots swimming around you might of heard them referred to as black ducks as well.  If you ever see one you will now it buy its crazy sort of monkey noises they make and there uncanny ability to fly directly into the path of your boat while you are on plane, this is crazy because while you are fishing they always stay about 50 yards away from you.  Starting the engine and moving fast get ready to see some of the worst flying ever by any bird. Which reminds me how in the world do coots get from one lake to another I have to believe they charter a bus because I have never seen one more than 6 feet off the water. I also wonder why I have never seen any young coots as well, are they solid black too,  how many do they have, I don’t know what they look like or when they are hatched or even where they are raised?  3. Why do turtles act like the last person they saw just fired a couple of rounds off at them I mean really I watch these little guys make some neck breaking dives off limbs that are several feet in the air just to immediately then stick their head up out of the water right next to the boat and then scramble like mad for the bottom. Seriously , turtles just stay where your at I will just fish right on bye and you can continue sunning on that log you must of worked hours on getting to the top of.  It seems strange that so much of the animal life that is right around us we know so little about. Why do shad ball up on the surface some days and the very next day they are in 30ft, when do crayfish (crawdads) change color or do they?  So many questions so few answers. I have watched wildlife shows my whole life and It seems like I know more about how African lions kill zebras than how far a bass will travel.  Maybe I am just on a rant here but I was just wondering out loud Have you ever noticed………

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