4th place at Guntersville

Wow I cant believe it, the year as far as the FLW tour goes is now done . The only event left is the Championship on lake Lanier in Georgia. Last week was a really fun tournament for me not only did I finish in the top five cut but I was able to move up each day(I had a four day total of 84 lbs) and I got to catch big bass the two favorite ways I like to fish, Flipping a jig and on a crank bait. I was a little unsure about Guntersville that time of the year because all the events I have fished there before were always in the spring and I never had fished any of the ledges there before. I made a trip down to the lake with a friend of mine from Pittsburgh PA Mark Mahlega. He had never been to Guntersville but had heard all of the stories about it and wanted to go. We met up at the state park where me and my family were staying at and I spent about five days practicing before the lake went off limits. This is something that I seldom do but because summer time fish will stay around the same areas I felt that it would do me some good. I was right that extra effort was very helpful once the official practice started I was able to find many areas still had fish but for whatever reason the ones that I felt were the best had really dried up. I caught most of my fish the first two days flipping a heavy jig in the grass but as the heat bared down on the lake it seemed to have moved most of the fish to the main lake ledges which is a great way to really catch a big stringer on any lake.

 Last week FLW also announced their schedule for next year, I was very glad to see the series come back and most of all the locations are going to really favor the power fishermen like myself I have always hated fishing places that did not have bass and the few that were there were so hard to catch that only finesse tactics would get you a check or a shot at the finals. I would love to see the championship get back to a smaller field size but all in all the changes so far have been in the right direction.

This weekend is the fourth of July and I am looking forward to being home for it, this is the first time in three years – we always had practice for a tournament on that weekend. I think next to Christmas it is my favorite holiday warm weather, cookouts and best of all FIREWORKS. One thing about living in TN is we got the good fireworks a buddy of mine works at a big fireworks store and he showed me which ones would really rock. I will be setting off a display for the family and friends this year and I am really looking forward to it. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Thanks for checking out my blog and be sure to check out all the photos that I put up on the photo page from last week. 

Good fishing,

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