When it comes to professional fishing, David Walker is the genuine article. With more than 25 years of tournament fishing experience, David is not just another guy trying to break into the sport of bass fishing; he is a well-established pro who has climbed to the top of his professional career the old fashioned way – through hard work, dedication and perseverance.

David’s semi-professional fishing days started in 1990, long before GPS contour mapping, Power-Poles or Alabama Rigs. Since then he has traveled a million miles, fished hundreds of lakes and caught thousands of fish using just about every type of tackle imaginable. From the shallow swamps of Louisiana to the North East’s smallmouth meccas to the ultra-clear desert impoundments in the West, there is not much on the bass fishing spectrum David has not experienced. His unquenchable desire to learn about everything that swims has taken him to other countries – China, Japan, Venezuela, Mexico and Canada – and even into the saltwater realm where he has participated in redfish tournaments.

David’s full-time professional bass fishing career began in 1996 with the advent of the FLW Tour where he found tremendous success early on. In 1999 he stepped up to double duty by qualifying for the Bassmaster Top 150 Tour. From 1999 until 2005, he was a “two-tour pro” fishing both the BASS Top 150’s and the FLW Tour. When Tour-scheduling conflicts happened in 2006, Walker opted to fish just the FLW Tour. In 2010 he qualified for the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series and that’s where he has carried out his professional fishing career ever since.

Over the last 20 years, David has accumulated an impressive list of credentials that could fill a bass boat. Among those are a 1999 FLW Tour Angler of the Year title that landed him on a Wheaties cereal box; a 2007 FLW Eastern Series Angler of the Year title; eight Forrest Wood Cup qualifications; eight Bassmaster Classic qualifications; a Toyota Texas Bass Classic win; an Ultimate Match Fishing Title; a combined total of 57 top 10’s across FLW Outdoors and BASS competition; and his proudest career moment to date: winning the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Wheeler Lake in 2011.

His fishing talents have been displayed across an array of television networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, FOX Sports and the Outdoor Channel. He has also been featured in countless magazine and website articles.

Over the years David has worked with several well-known corporate brands such as Timex, BF Goodrich, Stanley Tools and BP. Within the industry he has forged long-term relationships with Ranger (17 Years) and Evinrude (15 Years). His loyalty to the brands he promotes is becoming a rarity in the here-today-gone-tomorrow fishing marketplace.

In a time when professional bass fishing is being increasingly inundated with the flashy, the flamboyant and the contrived for attention, David remains real and authentic to his craft. Behind his quiet intensity and competitive drive on the water is a down-to-earth regular guy with a quick wit and an undying passion for the sport. His love and dedication to the water are rivaled only by his love and dedication to his life at home with his family.
After 25 years in the fishing business, David Walker is much more than just a professional angler. He is a veritable encyclopedia of fishing knowledge, a consultant for tackle companies, a tireless promoter for his sponsors, a teacher of fishing, a dedicated family man and a true ambassador to the sport. Indeed, he is the genuine article.