New Shoes!

It has been a very busy summer, usually I have the month of August for myself and family but after I fished the Forest Wood Cup on Lake Lanier then I headed to Detroit to fish the BASS Open,  from there I headed to Plattsburgh NY for the FLW Series tournament on Lake Champlian. The month of August has quickly turned into a marathon. I wanted to show everyone my latest update on my E-Team boat. In the past, I have added many things to it, including: a Koolwell Live well system, a satellite radio, a Lowrance down scan and side scan imager, as well as a Power Pole shallow water anchor. This time I have added a new set of tires and rims, and I am pretty excited about them. I have always liked to be able to personalize my trucks and boats but this is the first time I have added a new set of “shoes” to my boat trailer. I think the end result was exactly what I was looking for; I have always been a a big fan of muscle cars and the hot rod look – so why not make my Ranger Z520 look as fast on the trailer as it is on the water.
The rims are 15″ polished aluminum, just one size up from the stock 14″ rims. They are also a bit wider, so it gives it a fuller look in the wheel well. They are made by a company called Ultra, I had to try a couple of different rims before I went with these – just because I had a certain look that I was after. Most of the tire stores I went to just wanted to sell me the old wagon wheel type of rim for a trailer. The tires I chose are trailer tires, I have seen after market rims on boats before but they always had car type tires on them, they look great but when you replace something on your vechical or your boat make sure you are not sacrificing safty for style.
This is why I wanted to keep the tires a trailer tire load range C. Trailer tires offer you the safty of not having to worry if they will handle the load they carry and they are made with extreme rigid side wall construction (very important especially on a tandem axle trailer). Tires that are of this load range require 50 PSI unlike most cars which have a 32-35 PSI recommended air pressure. The tire size I went with is 15 inches of course to fit the new rims and they are 205 75 R15 Maxis ST Radial. I have used this brand of trailer tire before on my fifth wheel camper and I was pleased with their durability and look.
Like I said before, it is a busy month and I left the house and drove 600 miles to the Detroit tournament, another 700 miles to the next event and then will be driving 1100 miles back to my house. This will put me just under 3000 miles for just one month. I would not trust something that I would think was not the right tool for the job on a trip like that.
So far the new look has been very well recieved and the E-Team boat is looking good not only on the water but traveling up and down the roads as well. If you have any updates you have done on your own personal boats please upload a picture on my fan page, I would love to check them out. Once again thanks for checking me out on my web-site.
Good Luck and Good Fishing,